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Do Barracudas migrate?

Species: S. argentea

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Considering this, what do Barracudas eat?

Barracuda are competitive species and often are seen competing against mackerel, needle fish and sometimes even dolphins for prey. Barracuda feed on an array of prey including fish such as jacks, grunts, groupers, snappers, small tunas, mullets, killifishes, herrings, and anchovies by simply biting them in half.

Additionally, can a barracuda kill you? Barracuda attacks are rare and almost never fatal. Those teeth will do some damage to an arm or leg, though, so victims usually require stitches. While smaller barracuda are generally safe to eat, larger barracuda can be ciguatoxic (poisonous to humans) because they consume larger fish with higher toxin loads.

In this regard, where do Barracudas live?

Barracudas live in temperate, tropical seas all over the world except the eastern Pacific Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Adults prefer to live around coral reefs where the water temperature is between 74 and 82 degrees.

Are Barracudas aggressive?

The barracuda is known to be an aggressive, dominant predator, and often relies on the “surprise tactic” in order to catch it's prey. Because barracudas grow to be very large sized fish, they have few natural predators aside form sharks, killer whales, larger barracuda, giant tuna, and dolphin.

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