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Do any poisonous mushrooms bruise blue?

Psilocybe cubensis - The stems bruise blue or blue-green. This is a hallucinogenic mushroom, but note that not all hallucinogenic mushrooms bruise blue.

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Consequently, do all psychedelic mushrooms bruise blue?

Because they are super rich in psilocybin and hardly contain any psilocin. However, the blue bruising comes from psilocin oxidizing. Highly active mushrooms with a low psilocin content don't bruise blue much, if at all. Weakly active mushrooms naturally won't bruise much at all either.

Subsequently, question is, are there poisonous mushrooms that bruise blue? If you find blue bruising Psilocybe, Gymnopilus, or Pluteus you can bet they're psychedelic. AFAIK no such species are otherwise toxic, but you could be the first to discover one! However, Some psilocybin containing Mushroom (particularly in the genus Psilocybe) do bruise blue.

Similarly one may ask, what does it mean if a mushroom bruises blue?

If the blue color arises from the degradation of active molecules, then at best it provides an indicator of how potent the mushroom was – before the bruising. It is also known that some mushrooms that do contain psilocybin and psilocin do not bruise at all.

Are blue mushrooms poisonous?

Some Lactarius are delicious edible mushrooms, but many are poisonous. Lactarius piperatus, as you might guess by its name, is very peppery in its flavor, almost to the point of being bitter. On the other hand, Lactarius indigo is a delicious edible mushroom-- and fun to eat. There are very few blue foods.

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