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Do animals eat mums?

Mums are somewhat resistant to deer and rabbits, which tend to avoid plants that have fragrant leaves or a fuzzy texture -- both of present on many varieties of mums. Some chrysanthemums have stems and leaves that are poisonous to rabbits, although that probably won't stop them from nibbling on the tender flowers.

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Similarly one may ask, do squirrels eat mums?

But the perpetrators might be hard to catch – they are squirrels, which have developed a taste for bouquets of flowers. They say grey squirrels are particularly partial to eating fresh spray carnations and chrysanthemums because of the high sugar content.

Also, will mums kill cats? The many varieties of mums are toxic to cats, dogs, horses and even wild animals, so you'll need to take the necessary precautions to keep your favorite furball safe from this plant-based partner in cuteness.

Moreover, are mums poisonous to animals?

Our sources conclude yes, mums are toxic to pets, particularly dogs, cats and horses. Symptoms of ingesting the flower include vomiting, diarrhea, hyper-salivation, incoordination and skin inflammation.

Do deer eat mums?

Chrysanthemums are not toxic to deer, and in fact, many species are frequently severely damaged by the large, hungry mammals. Deer are not as likely to come right up to your porch and eat the mums in pots as they are to eat mums planted at the edge of your yard.

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