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Do all outlets in a kitchen have to be GFCI?

Every receptacle installed in kitchens must be GFCI-protected. This new rule sets up an interesting situation. Sec. 210.8(A)(6) for dwelling units only requires GFCI protection for 15A and 20A, 125V receptacles installed to serve dwelling unit kitchen counter surfaces.

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Herein, do all outlets in kitchen need to be GFCI?

Kitchens: All receptacles serving countertop areas and any receptacle within 6 feet of a sink must have GFCI protection. Also, the receptacle supplying a dishwasher should be GFCI-protected.

Likewise, what year were GFCI outlets required in kitchens? 1971

Beside above, how many GFCI outlets are required in a kitchen?

You only need one GFCI as long as it's installed as the first outlet in the circuit (or at least upstream of anything else that needs protection) and wired correctly. OUr inspetor required every outlet in the kitchen to be GFCI protected.

What is a GFCI outlet and where is one needed?

Code requires that GFCI outlets be used in any location that is six feet or closer to a plumbing fixture or moisture source. This includes multiple areas of a typical home, such as: Kitchens. Bathrooms.

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