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Do Alicia and will get together Season 2?

The season 2 finale not only forced Alicia and Kalinda to work together again, but it gave us the briefest of Peter-Will showdowns, which wasn't really a showdown at all.

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Similarly, it is asked, do Alicia and will get together?

The stunning realization that Alicia and Will would never end up together, and the enduring mystery about why he called her shortly before he was shot, loomed large over the drama's heroine and viewers all the way into the series' seventh and final season.

Beside above, who does Alicia end up with? That epic slap was not the end of the story. Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King intended to tack an extra scene onto last spring's polarizing series finale. The additional footage would've made it clear that Alicia (Julianna Margulies) ended up with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Jason.

Thereof, do Alicia and will get together in Season 4?

Season 4 at a glance: After breaking things off in Season 3 due to external pressures, Alicia and Will return to their boss/employee relationship—but their chemistry and sexual tension remains undeniable. Will Gardner is back from his six-month suspension to practice law.

Do Alicia and Peter get divorced?

Peter Florrick's saga finally came to a close on the series finale of The Good Wife , and, thankfully, so did Alicia's marriage. The Florrick divorce is on. After seven seasons of standing by her man, Alicia looks like she's ready to have a clean break from Peter.

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