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Do AGAs rust?

It's quite common for Aga range cookers to have a bit of rust in their ovens, on the hotplates or on the hotplate expansion rings. It normally happens when the Aga range cooker is off for awhile and collects a little moisture or condensation and nothing really to worry about.

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Keeping this in consideration, how do you remove rust from Aga hot plates?

Use a dry wire wool (washing up wire ball) and give the hotplate a damn good scrub, you'll turn the rust to dust! Once done use a vacuum to suck the dust up. This is better done cold but can be done hot if you are VERY careful about where you hold the wire wool.

Additionally, how much does an electric Aga cost to run per year?

Fuel / Model 2 Oven Cost/unit
eR7 (Total Control) (Menu only, off when not in use) n/a 14.1p / kWh
Hotplates for 7 Series (and Dual / Total Control), AGA 60 and 3 Series
Boiling Plate 0.54 kW/h (7.6p per hour / £1.83 per day) 14.1p / kWh
Simmering Plate 0.24 kW/h (3.4p per hour / £0.81 per day) 14.1p / kWh

Regarding this, are gas Agas expensive to run?

Although the upfront cost is a bit daunting, there are many good reasons to buy an AGA. They're attractive, warm, improve the quality of your food and rarely cost more to run than the average cooker.

How do you clean vitreous enamel?

To clean ordinary enamel (smooth to the touch) linings and oven doors, always use a liquid or paste cleaner recommended by the Vitreous Enamel Association. To make cleaning easier before you begin, place a bowl of water in the oven and heat on a high temperature for 20 minutes.

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