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Did Walter Hawkins have children?

Trystan Hawkins
Walter Hawkins Jr

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Herein, what happened to Walter Hawkins?

Walter Hawkins Obituary. (AP) - Walter Hawkins, a Grammy Award-winning gospel singer, composer and pastor from Oakland, died Sunday. He was 61. Hawkins, who was battling pancreatic cancer, passed away at his home in Ripon, Calif., his older brother Edwin Hawkins said.

One may also ask, who is Walter Hawkins wife? Bishop Hawkins was married to Tramaine Hawkins. They had two children, a son Walter "Jamie" Hawkins, Jr., who is married to Myiia "Sunny" Davis-Hawkins, and a daughter Trystan Hawkins.

Subsequently, one may also ask, is Walter Hawkins still alive?

Deceased (1949–2010)

Was Walter Hawkins ever married?

Walter married Tramaine Davis in 1970 but eventually divorced. From this union two children were born--Walter, Jr. and a daughter Trystan. Walter has two grandchildren.

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