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Did Verdi and Wagner meet?

WAGNER AND VERDI are destined to be linked forever, however awkwardly, since they were both born in 1813: Wagner in Leipzig, Germany, on May 22; Verdi in little Roncole, Italy, in the Duchy of Parma, on Oct. 9 or 10. (The records are not clear.) They never met and had little good to say about each other.

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Likewise, what is the difference between the operas of Verdi Puccini and Wagner?

As far as I'm concerned, Wagner wrote great music drama, Verdi wrote very good romantic opera, and Puccini wrote crude but entertaining melodramas. Certainly all three were blessed with different talents, but Wagner used his to produce transcendent works of art and Puccini, pap.

Secondly, which of the following operas were written by Verdi? List of operas and revisions

# Title Premiere
1 Oberto, conte di San Bonifacio La Scala, Milan 17 Nov 1839
2 Un giorno di regno La Scala, Milan 5 Sep 1840
3 Nabucodonosor La Scala, Milan 9 Mar 1842
4 I Lombardi alla prima crociata La Scala, Milan 11 Feb 1843

Keeping this in consideration, what makes Verdi's music so different from Wagner's?

Another important difference between Wagner and Verdi is based on the Nineteenth Century romantic concept of art, interpreted so opposedly by both. For Wagner, German instrumental music was most important; for Verdi, Italian vocal music reigned supreme.

Who is the greatest opera composer?

Puccini was the greatest composer of Italian opera after Verdi.

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