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Did Stars lottery sell out?

STARS Lottery is now 76% sold out! $5.1 million in prizes. Order tickets at, or call 1.888.

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Also, who won Stars Lottery 2019?

The $2 million Lucky STARS 50/50 winner is Shawn Fraser of Sherwood Park. The STARS lottery continues to be the non-profit's single largest source of funding in Alberta, helping critically ill and injured patients across the province. This was the 26th edition of the STARS lottery.

Secondly, is Stars lottery a charitable donation? STARS and Lottery management will not be responsible for any conflict between group purchases. No, there is no tax receipt issued as Revenue Canada deems that the purchase of a raffle (Lottery) ticket is not a donation. All lottery winnings are tax free.

Furthermore, how many stars lottery tickets are sold?

Only 1,059,100 tickets will be sold. Tickets in the main lottery will be sold as $30 single ticket, or discounted in sets of 3 for $60, sets of 6 for $100 and sets of 20 for $275. The Lucky STARS 50/50 cash value will be a minimum payout of $1,300,000 or 50% of tickets sold, whichever is greater.

How old do you have to be to buy a lottery ticket in Saskatchewan?

18 years of

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