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Did Sergei use his last wish to save Yoni?

Yes, It allows you to figure out on your own that Sergei made the right decision and used his last and final wish to save Yoni. A theme is an important idea about life or human nature expressed through a story's characters and event.

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Hereof, are Yoni and Sergei communicating well?

This description shows how different the characters are. Lines 73-77: Are Yoni and Sergei communicating well with one another? The two men cannot communicate well because Joni is speaking Hebrew very fast and Sergei who comes from Russia cannot speak the language very well.

Similarly, what does Sergei want out of life? Sergei wants to be able to sleep and get up when it's dark. He wants to go fishing by himself.

Also know, why does Sergei save his third wish for so long?

Answer: he didnt want the fish to go away. Explanation: he was lonely, he had no friends and no one to talk to, except the fish.

What does the dialogue between Sergei and the goldfish?

The dialogue between sergei and the goldfish reveals about their relationship that they were very close friends. “What of this Goldfish would You Wish?” is a famous short story written by Etgar Keret, where a young man, Yoni, takes out to do a documentary about secret longings of Americans.

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