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Did Paula Patton really sing in Idlewild?

Paula Patton openly admitted that she's not a singer. She sang a few riffs for her audition, but aside from the scene in which her character and Percival rehearse for her first stage performance, she didn't sing in the movie.

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In this manner, was Idlewild based on a true story?

But the cinematic Idlewild was a fictional town in Georgia, not the real-life resort destination in northwest Michigan upon which the movie obviously was based. “They may have heard of the movie, but they had no idea that it's an actual place with such a rich history.”

One may also ask, where was Idlewild filmed? Idlewild, Michigan, about 60 miles south of Traverse City, was a haven for black entertainment during the segregation era.

Also, how much did Idlewild gross?

Idlewild received mixed reviews from critics and was a moderate box office success, grossing $12 million worldwide.

What is Idlewild movie?

A reticent piano player, named Percival (André Benjamin), along with Rooster (Antwan A. Patton), his flamboyant lead performer and manager, struggle to keep their speakeasy, in the Prohibition-era South, out of the hands of gangsters who want to take it over.

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