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Did LeBron James break the backboard?

15 LeBron James Breaks High School Backboard. He goes up for the dunk and the rim completely detaches from the backboard dropping James to the ground.

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Beside this, did Michael Jordan break a backboard?

Michael Jordan was pretty good at dunking basketballs, and it's become the symbol that represents him long since his playing have ended. He once dunked so forcefully that he shattered a backboard during a Nike exhibition game in 1985 in Trieste, Italy.

Also Know, how much force does it take to break a backboard? (According to an episode of Sport Science, it took about 600 lbs of force to shatter a backboard constructed this way[2].)

Regarding this, can you break the backboard in NBA 2k18?

Shattering a backboard has only ever happened on an NBA court twice and they were both by Darryl Dawkins in the late 70s before the NBA switched to breakaway rims. Shaq destroyed a couple hoops in his day, but shattered no backboards in an NBA game.

When did Shaq break the rim?


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