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Did Jeff Lewis sell his house?

Lewis purchased the home in 2017 for $1.37 million. The home is listed by Carrie Berkman Lewis of Douglas Elliman. Lewis has flipped countless homes, and most recently sold a renovated Sunset Strip house in Los Angeles for $5.85 million in August, according to Variety.

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Beside this, where did Jeff Lewis go to school?

University of Southern California Mater Dei High School Chapman University

Beside above, what is Jeff Lewis worth? Jeff Lewis net worth and salary: Jeff Lewis is an American reality television star, real estate developer and interior designer who has a net worth of $12 million dollars.

Moreover, where is Jeff Lewis from?

Orange County, California, United States

Where is Jeff's Valley Vista House?

View 43 photos of this $19,995,000, 9 bed, 11.0 bath, 13391 sqft single family home located at 24220 Long Valley Rd, Hidden Hills, CA 91302 built in 2016.

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