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Did hell on wheels get Cancelled?

Hell on Wheels Renewed (and Cancelled)
It's the end of the line for Hell on Wheels. AMC has renewed the historical drama for a fifth and final season, the network announced Friday. The series' 14-episode swan song will air in two parts: seven in summer 2015 and the remaining seven a year later.

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Thereof, is there a season 6 for Hell on Wheels?

The first five seasons of "Hell On Wheels" were aired on AMC. Reports say that AMC is no longer interested in renewing "Hell On Wheels" season 6 which prompted the showrunners to scout for a new home network. Freeform and Netflix are reportedly the top bidders for "Hell On Wheels" season 6.

Additionally, is hell on wheels coming back on? As expected, Hell On Wheels will be returning for a fifth season. Like it has done with its other signature series, including Mad Men and Breaking Bad, AMC will split the final season of Hell On Wheels into two, with seven episodes airing in 2015 and seven in 2016.

Also to know is, when was hell on wheels Cancelled?

July 23, 2016

Does Elam come back to hell on wheels?

Recently on the AMC drama, the character of Elam (played since Day 1 by the rapper/actor Common) resurfaced after having been presumed dead as the result of a Season 3-ending bear attack. Instead, Elam had survived — though the mauling left him with brain damage.

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