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Did Crazy Heart win any Oscars?

Jeff Bridges wins best actor Oscar in "Crazy Heart" LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Jeff Bridges won a best actor Oscar on Sunday, his first ever Academy Award, for his role in “Crazy Heart” as a drunken country singer who finds redemption.

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Consequently, did John Wayne win an Oscar?

Wayne was nominated as the producer of Best Picture for The Alamo (1960), one of two films he directed. Wayne finally won a Best Actor Oscar for True Grit (1969), two decades after his only other nomination.

One may also ask, how many Oscars Jeff Bridges won? Academy Awards, USA

2017 Nominee Oscar Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role Hell or High Water (2016)
1975 Nominee Oscar Best Actor in a Supporting Role Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974)
1972 Nominee Oscar Best Actor in a Supporting Role The Last Picture Show (1971)

Keeping this in view, what awards did The Big Lebowski win?

Awards Circuit Community Awards 1998

Winner ACCA Best Actor in a Supporting Role John Goodman
Nominee ACCA Best Director Joel Coen
Best Actor in a Leading Role Jeff Bridges
Best Actress in a Supporting Role Julianne Moore
Best Original Screenplay Joel Coen Ethan Coen

Did Jeff Bridges play guitar in Crazy Heart?

The film is dedicated to Stephen Bruton, who died before the film premiered. Bad's real name is Otis Blake. Jeff Bridges plays a Gretsch (Chet Atkins Country Gentleman) guitar, the same model pictured with him on the cover of his "Jeff Bridges" CD album release (2011).

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