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Can you use thinset on Tile Redi pan?

Using the thinset (under) the pan would be okay as far as I can see. Using the thinset to set tile directly to the "plastic" Tile-Redi shower pan would not be a good idea. I have used regular mortar products under those type of shower and tub bases for years without a hitch.

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People also ask, how do you mix Redi epoxy tile?

  1. Pour Redi Poxy™ Epoxy Adhesive Part A and Part B into a clean mixing pail and mix thoroughly. Add Redi Poxy™ Part C Filler Powder and mix to a smooth, trowelable consistency. Mortar is ready for use immediately after mixing.
  2. 90-100 sq. ft./8.1-9.0 m.
  3. 35-40 sq. ft./3.2-3.6 m.
  4. With 1/4" x 1/4" (6x6 mm) square. notch trowel.

Likewise, can I tile over my existing shower pan? You can put tiles over existing tiled shower pans as long as they are structurally intact, have no visible damage and do not leak.

Consequently, what is Tile Redi pan made of?

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$572.00 $579.00 $590.00
(25) (6) (46)
Base Width (in.) 48 Base Width (in.) 48 Base Width (in.) 60
Drain Location Center Drain Location Center Drain Location Right
Material Polyurethane Material Polyurethane Material Polyurethane

How do you prepare a shower pan for tile?

How to Build a Shower Pan – Project Big Picture

  1. Block-in shower pan “box”
  2. Assemble shower drain.
  3. Install a layer of asphalt felt.
  4. Place and slope mortar base layer.
  5. Install a shower liner and seal to drain.
  6. Place and slope mortar top layer.
  7. Finish top mortar layer with tile and grout.

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