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Can you use regular speaker wire in walls?

If you're going to run speaker wire inside your walls or ceiling, you'll need UL-rated speaker wire labeled CL2 or CL3. If you want to install your outdoor speaker wire underground, you'll need wire rated for direct burial. In-wall wire is available with two conductors or four.

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Then, does in wall speaker wire need to be shielded?

Speaker Cables For high performance home theater installations and longer runs we typically recommend heavier gauge 12AWG two conductor for each speaker in the system. Generally, I like to run shielded in-wall speaker wire; however, if you are meticulous in your installation shielded wire may not be necessary.

Beside above, how can I hide the speaker wire in my living room? Here are 5 solutions to hiding speaker wire.

  1. Foam Crown Molding. Crown molding is an aesthetically pleasing addition to most rooms, but it ain't the easiest project to do yourself.
  2. Wiremold CornerMate Cord Organizer.
  3. CableOrganizer Corner Duct Raceways.
  4. Advance Wire Solutions Adhesive Backed Tape Wire.

Beside this, does speaker wire make a difference?

Thicker wires are better: It's true that for long runs, thicker wires are better at reducing the effects of resistance. But for most set ups (those with speakers within 100 ft of the amplifier), 16-gauge lamp cord is fine. For speakers 100 to 200 ft. It would take miles of speaker wire to hear any difference.

Can you run speaker wire next to each other?

Speaker wires dont tend to interfere with each other. But - AC power wires carry a signal that is audible and will interfear with speaker wires. (The fact that the AC power is a constant 60 hz adds to the problem.) Try to keep these apart or only cross them at 90 degrees.

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