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Can you use exterior wood stain indoors?

Paints, wood stains and other finishing products, particularly oil-based formulas, are known to contain harmful chemicals. Never inhale the vapors of a wood stain before it is completely dry, even if it is an indoor stain. You should never use an exterior wood stain indoors if the manufacturer states not to do so.

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Just so, can you use wood stain indoors?

Never stain wood indoors without the proper ventilation.

Beside above, can I use exterior varnish indoors? It is fine to use exterior-grade varnish over interior-grade paint when the finished item will remain indoors, but not if it is intended for use outdoors. The exposure to the elements will degrade the paint layer and cause the varnish to fail, even though the varnish is exterior grade.

Also, what is the difference between interior and exterior wood stain?

They are nothing alike. Is about like asking the difference between an apple and an orange. Interior stain penetrates and is meant to be topcoated with a clear finish like polyurethane. Transparent exterior stains are a coating on top of the wood.

Can you use exterior stain on kitchen cabinets?

Exterior stains are formulated to make wood last longer in areas of high moisture and intense sunlight. If your kitchen is such an area, you might consider using an exterior stain on your cabinets, but choose the right one.

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