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Can you use candy flavoring lip balm?

While flavoring oils are amazing, sometimes you just want to add a bit of extra sweetness. Not only can these sweeteners be added to enhance your flavoring oil, but these sweeteners can be used to naturally flavor lip balm all on its own! It's all up to your and what you want from your lip balm.

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In this manner, what can I use to flavor lip balm?

Flavoring Suggestions Tip: Try a combination of flavors such as 1/2 teaspoon Tangerine Oil and 1/2 teaspoon Peppermint Oil. Peppermint Oil adds a brisk, tingling sensation to your lip balm. Sweetening Option: LorAnn flavors and essential oils contain no added sweeteners.

Likewise, how much flavoring do you put in lip balm? You can add up to 3% of flavor oils to the lip balm base. To sweeten the lip balm, add 2% of the sweetener to the base – you can add up to 3% of this sweetener in your lip balm. Stir slowly until fully incorporated.

Moreover, can I use extract to flavor lip balm?

Number One Rule: Always use lip safe flavors and colorants! Fragrance oils are not approved for use on lips and not all colorants are okay for lips. Extracts, from the store in the baking section, usually will not mix with your oils/wax mixture.

How can I naturally sweeten my lip balm?

These ingredients could be flavoring, lip tint, or stevia sweetener. If you choose to flavor your lip balm, then add 20 drops of the provided Strawberry Sorbet Flavoring Oil. However, you could leave your lip balm plain if you'd prefer. Also, you can add a bit of the Stevia Sweetener to your lip balm.

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