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Can you throw away gift cards?

Not all gift cards are recyclable, but that doesn't mean you can't reuse them. Hold onto them to use them as a bookmark, or even use them to clean your house. You can also add to the balance of some gift cards to keep using them.

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Regarding this, what do I do with old gift cards?

Over a Dozen Nifty Ways to Reuse Empty Gift Cards

  1. Recharge Your Card and Give It as a Gift.
  2. Use Your Gift Card to Fix Up Your Home.
  3. Turn Used Gift Cards Into Greeting Cards.
  4. Empty Gift Cards Make Cheap and Beautiful Scrapbook Embellishments.
  5. Use Old Gift Cards as Stencils.
  6. Use Empty Gift Cards for Making Pottery.

Similarly, are old gift cards still good? The law states that a gift card or general purpose prepaid card may not expire any earlier than five years from the date of activation (or the date when funds were last added to the card) and that if there is an expiration, the terms and conditions of that expiration must be clearly disclosed prior to purchase.

Correspondingly, what happens if you throw away a gift card?

If the card hasn't been used, ask if it can be cancelled and a replacement gift card issued. (You may have to pay a fee to get a replacement card.) If the card has been used, then it's not so much “lost” as it might have been stolen.

What can you do with old Visa gift cards?

Here's where you can sell your gift card for cash.

  1. Buy Gift Cards for Less than Face Value.
  2. Never Lose Your Gift Card Again.
  3. Keep Track of Gift Card Balances.
  4. Cash Out a Store Gift Card with a Small Balance.
  5. Use the Small Balance of a Visa® Gift Card.
  6. Overspend the Value of a Visa Gift Card Online.
  7. Upcycle Old Gift Cards.

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