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Can you take antenna off car?

Whether you have a telescopic or fixed antenna on your car, over time it can wear out or become bent. A damaged or malfunctioning antenna can prevent you from listening to the radio in your car, and takes away from your car's overall appearance. Removing your car's antenna is a simple process.

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Considering this, do you need to remove antenna for car wash?

If you don't drive a car with a collapsible antenna, then chances are that you can unscrew it and remove it from the exterior of the car before you go through the car wash. Some car wash services use only water pressure to clean, and at those places you do not have to worry about your antenna.

Furthermore, do you need a car antenna? Most modern vehicles will never need to have the AM/FM radio antenna replaced. But older cars or cars with long, thin metal-shaft antennas might occasionally need a replacement. Those are the vehicles and antennas that we're talking about here.

Beside this, can you change the antenna on a car?

Repair fixed-mast antennas Fixed-mast antennas are much easier to replace. Buy a universal kit (about $15) from any auto parts store. Just unscrew the bent mast with an adjustable wrench and install the new mast. You may have to install an adapter (included in the kit) to match the thread size.

How much does it cost to replace an antenna on a car?

The average cost for a radio antenna mast replacement is between $134 and $147. Labor costs are estimated between $46 and $59 while parts are priced at $88.

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