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Can you still use cellulose paint?

Cellulose automotive paint a petroleum based material and has not been used by car manufacturers for over thirty years. Although it is still very popular with classic and vintage car restoration companies and customers wishing to paint / refurbish cars at home.

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Similarly, can you still buy cellulose car paint?

You can buy all of these things from a paint shop. Paint - the only paint that is suitable for home-use is Cellulose.

Also, do you need to lacquer cellulose paint? You don't need to lacquer over cellulose colour - my own cars are in cellulose and the lack of lacquer should make repairs easier in the future. Though I'd imagine it would reduce maintenance - cellulose seems to oxidise and you have to keep polishing it to keep it shiny.

Then, what is cellulose paint used for?

Cellulose paint can be used for a wide range of things in home use by the handyman and also in professional use, It is especially useful where a shorter drying time is required due to it being a "air drying" paint.

Can you brush cellulose paint?

Cellulose paints dry entirely by the evaporation of the very volatile solvent in which they are borne. So even the modified "brushing" versions can only be applied to very small areas indeed to have any hope of success.

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