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Can you split Annabelle hydrangeas?

It is possible to divide hydrangeas if you find multiple stems or suckers coming from the ground, but the roots are very tough and it is a very difficult process. If you try that, wait until spring and cut straight down from a stem.

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Correspondingly, can you split hydrangea plants?

If you don't see any shoots or are getting pieces without roots, entire hydrangea plants can be dug and split into two or more pieces. The best time to divide bigleaf hydrangeas is very early spring, just as new green buds are starting to swell and open along the stems.

Similarly, how do you divide overgrown hydrangeas? Dividing Your Hydrangeas When your hydrangeas begin to outgrow their garden space, consider dividing or splitting the plant. Separate the bush in equal halves by pushing the two sections apart to reveal the root ball or crown. Forcibly separate the sections using a shovel.

Similarly one may ask, when can I transplant Annabelle hydrangeas?

The ideal time to transplant is November or December, after the first frost but before the ground freezes hard. Water your Annabelle hydrangea two to three days before transplanting, unless the ground is already damp. Prepare the spot where you intend to move the Annabelle hydrangea ahead of time.

Should I deadhead Annabelle hydrangea?

Removing Spent Blooms on Hydrangea keep your plant looking fresh. The method for deadheading hydrangea blooms depends upon the time of year. If it's before August, you should cut the spent blooms with a long stem attached. Cut the stem back as short as you like, making sure to leave those buds intact.

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