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Can you render over fibro?

Polymer Render Off White. Polymer Render Off White is premixed, and is especially suitable for application over fibro cement and painted substrates where tolerance to movement and good adhesion must be considered.

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Similarly, can you Clad over fibro?

Exterior cladding over asbestos sheeting is preferable. It may be best to simply clad over asbestos sheeting if: You don't wish to paint over asbestos on a regular basis. Installing exterior cladding over fibro will greatly reduce the maintenance your home requires. You want to improve the thermal efficiency of your

Also, what surfaces can be rendered? Most common surfaces that can be rendered

  • Bathroom tiles.
  • Red brick.
  • Clay brick.
  • Blueboard.
  • Painted besser block.
  • New block.
  • Split face block.
  • Polystyrene.

Subsequently, question is, can you render over cement board?

Cement particle boards or render boards are normally fitted on timber frame builds and then the rendering is normally carried out over the board. However there are a number of problems that could arise with cement particle boards if not fitted properly or if the incorrect render system is applied over it.

Are you allowed to sheet over asbestos?

That's just ridiculous. 90%+ of houses built before 1980 have asbestos in them. Unless the whole house is asbestos. That's not so common.

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