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Can you put stain over Polycrylic?

It's not a common practice, but you can apply stain -- if it's gel stain -- over polyurethane. It won't penetrate like stain, so you won't get the same grain patterns. Think of gel stain as a type of opaque paint.

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In respect to this, can you mix stain with Polycrylic?

Tinting polycrylic Yes! I've done this several times while attempting to match a color or wood stain with an area previously stained and finished. The most difficult part is locating a water base or compatible stain to add to the polycrylic but you can also use paint and paint tints.

Secondly, can water based polyurethane be used over oil stain? You may apply the Minwax Water Based Polyurethane over a fully cured Minwax Wood Finish Stain (oil-based). The mineral spirits will remove any active/excess stain from surface and help the stain to cure out.

Beside above, can you use Polycrylic over oil based stain?

Minwax® Polycrylic® Protective Finish is a crystal clear, fast-drying protective topcoat for use over bare wood, oil- and water-based stains, paint and wallpaper. It has very little odor, is non-flammable, cleans up easily with soap and water, and can be recoated in only 2 hours.

Do I have to sand between coats of Polycrylic?

Yes. A light sanding (#220 sandpaper) will remove any fine particles of dust which settle on the finish while it is still wet. Light sanding also helps abrade the surface, improving intercoat adhesion.

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