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Can you put pavers over River Rock?

Remodel pavers, which are 1-inch thick tile;colored concrete; or patterned concrete could be appliedover the secure river rock or stripped-downunderlying concrete surface. The overflow can be installedat the waterline in the tile, directly to the pool wall withouttile or at the back of the skimmer.

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Also question is, can you put pavers over gravel?

You have several ways to install pavers,including directly over dirt, in mortar or over a bedof gravel and sand. While you don't need tolay a gravel foundation for pavers, youshould assess the condition of the base and make it as solidas possible before laying the pavers.

Subsequently, question is, can you tile over Chattahoochee? When installing ceramic tile over a clean, soundchattahoochee substrate, GranirapidTM KER 318 orKerabondTM/KeralasticTM systems are thinset mortars recommended forinterior or exterior projects. Kerapoxy® is recommended forinterior installations only. Otherwise, follow ANSI/TCA/MAPEIsubstrate guidelines.

Also Know, is pea gravel a good base for pavers?

While pea gravel can be used as a mulchalternative, garden border and other landscaping purposes, it isnot the best choice for a patio base. If you usepea gravel beneath a patio, take a few simple steps toensure the stability of the base before setting your surfacestones, pavers or bricks.

How do you set gravel for Stepping Stones?

Step-by-step instructions on how to lay stepping-stones ongravel

  1. Apply PVA glue to the reverse of the stepping stone slabs.
  2. Loosly lay out the stepping-stones one stride apart.
  3. Remove the gravel where the slabs are to be laid and compactthe area down.
  4. Place mortar mix on cleared gravel area then level out withtrowel.

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