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Can you put paint thinner in plastic?

Mineral spirits (aka paint thinner) are no good for ABS plastic, HDPE, and EPDM. Lacquer thinner is no good for EPDM, rubber, neoprene, polypropylene, polyurethane, PVC, and silicone.

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In this regard, will paint thinner mess up plastic?

Using Solvents for Stubborn Paint. Choose your solvent. Rubbing alcohol, acetone, and paint thinner are all great options. Acetone may damage some types of plastic, such as Plexiglass or vinyl-based plastic.

Beside above, what can you put paint thinner in? Applications. Paint thinner can be used to clean your equipment and tools once you have finished your job, especially when you have been using oil-based paint. Paint thinner can also be used to 'thin' or reduce the viscosity of paint so it can be used in sprayer applicators.

One may also ask, can I put mineral spirits in a plastic container?

HDPE - 3 container should be safe for mineral spirits. Lacquer thinner and acetone or the ultimate removers, but will destroy plastic. Do not put solvents in any plastic bag, a gallon freezer zip lock will be dissolved in no time. Metal is best , snap on plastic lid will probably survive.

Will mineral spirits harm plastic?

Mineral spirits or paint thinner – Never recommended for cleaning a surface because it can leave an oily residue. Good for cleanup of tools and equipment. Xylene and Toluene – Aggressive solvents for cleaning; may damage plastics or paints.

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