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Can you put asphalt on top of asphalt?

Asphalt Resurface (over Asphalt):
A #404 surface course of asphalt can be installed on top of existing asphalt. Since the product used for both layers is the same, the layers should heave together in the winter. However, before choosing this option, you should consider why your present drive is failing.

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Then, how thick should an asphalt overlay be?

1.5 inches thick

Similarly, how much does an asphalt overlay cost? Asphalt Overlay Cost Asphalt overlay costs $3 to $7 per square foot for standard materials. This project, often called a “top coat,” runs less because it involves a thinner layer on top of an existing surface.

In respect to this, how long will an asphalt overlay last?

Asphalt Overlay FAQs Asphalt overlay won't last as long completely new asphalt, but if installed properly asphalt overlay can help add an additional 8 to 15 years to the life of your surface.

Should I resurface or replace my asphalt driveway?

While resurfacing is a great option for your driveway, it's not always the best measure. If your driveway is this old, our experts recommend completely replacing the asphalt. Likewise, if your driveway has too many cracks (1/3 of your driveway's surface area), it may be more efficient to completely replace the asphalt.

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