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Can you put a gas fireplace on an inside wall?

Their inner and outer shell construction allows for maximum heat insulation.” As long as you have a natural gas connection or propane availability, you can install a gas fireplace almost anywhere in your home—under a window, in either an outside or inside wall, at wainscot or floor level, in a corner or even in the

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Herein, can a direct vent fireplace be installed on an interior wall?

Power Venting makes it possible to install a gas fireplace almost anywhere in the home. Direct Vent gas fireplaces require outside air for combustion and exhaust – that's why they are so often installed on outside walls of homes. But what if that perfect spot for a fireplace is on an interior wall? No problem!

Subsequently, question is, how do I install a gas fireplace in my house? Among the most popular options, a factory-built gas/propane fireplace unit runs about $2,000 for a basic materials package; add to that at least another $5,000 for the cost to hire professional tradespeople to cut a hole in an exterior wall, frame and build a chimney, install the fireplace, and add a surround and

Considering this, does flue need to be open for gas fireplace?

Vented gas logs You need to leave your chimney's damper partially open to vent the carbon monoxide that the gas fire produces, so much of the heat generated by a vented gas log set goes up the chimney.

Can you put a gas fireplace in a bedroom?

So unvented fireplaces and natural-vent gas fireplaces or wood burning fireplaces with gas logs are typically prohibited. For example, in some states, unvented gas fireplaces are allowed in a bedroom, as long as they are under 10,000 BTUs.

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