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Can you play Rock Band 4 without instruments?

Additionally, most previous PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 wireless music game controllers from Rock Band and other franchises will work with Rock Band 4 on the PlayStation 4, without needing any other additional equipment. So if you want to add in a few more folks to the party, you can use the stuff you already own.

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Considering this, can you play rock band without instruments?

Rock Band has gone portable, but without the plastic instruments. Rock Band has gone portable, kind of: MTV Games, Harmonix and EA have officially shipped Rock Band Unplugged to stores, meaning you'll finally have a new UMD game for your dust-gathering PSP.

Additionally, can you play rock band with a regular controller? If you have a mic, and sing into it, sure. But otherwise no, no Rock Band titles have supported instrument play on a controller. A regular controller is used for the vocalist part.

Similarly, do you need a guitar for rock band 4?

You can scour the internet for classic instruments, or you can pick up a Band-In-A-Box bundle, which, in addition to a copy of the game, includes a wireless Fender Stratocaster guitar, wireless drum set, and wired USB microphone. You can also buy one Strat controller and a copy of the game together in a single package.

Can you play Rock Band 4 with a ps4 controller?

Instrument compatibility Click here if you'd like to look at a very convoluted chart about what gear will and won't work in Rock Band 4, but the gist is this: most wired Rock Band controllers will work on PS4, but not on Xbox One.

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