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Can you play Dragon Age Origins with a controller?

In the PC version of "Dragon Age: Origins," it is possible for players to use a 360 controller to navigate the Warden through Ferelden. However, this isn't a native feature for PC; you'll need to download a third-party mapper to force the game to use the controller.

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In this way, does Origin have controller support?

Re: Controller Support On Origin @Catburglar836; The game does not have any native controller support on the PC, so it's the OP's choice.

Beside above, what's the difference between Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age Awakening? Dragon Age: OriginsAwakening. Dragon Age: OriginsAwakening is the expansion for the role-playing video game Dragon Age: Origins. Awakening adds a new campaign that takes place during the aftermath of Dragon Age: Origins.

Considering this, can you use a controller for Dragon Age Inquisition PC?

Dragon Age: Origins doesn't support controllers on PC. That's because the game was developed for PC first with console development being added later in the development cycle.

What controllers work with Origin?

Re: Controllers that are compatible to Origin Action games The Microsoft Xbox 360 controller for PC and the new Xbox One controller are both plug and play compatible. if you use a third party program like Xpadder you can also use PS3 controllers but you may have to troubleshoot non-Microsoft game pads once in a while.

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