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Can you paint the walls of an apartment?

Painting Your Walls
Almost all landlords will be okay with you painting your apartment—so long as you paint it back. If you choose a versatile, neutral color like a nice shade of white, your landlord may allow you to leave it up when you move out.

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Hereof, is it worth it to paint an apartment?

Painting your apartment isn't a bad idea – but many people forget you typically have to paint it back to its original color. If you're only in an apartment for a year, this is a lot of extra work and money. Since I've moved around quite a bit, it wasn't ever worth it for me to paint an apartment.

Secondly, how can I paint my apartment walls without painting? Put Down the Paintbrush: 10 Ways to Add Color Without Painting

  1. Go for big, colorful art.
  2. Hang a colorful tapestry on the wall.
  3. Use colorful pillows and throws.
  4. Eschew neutrals and go for curtains in a crazy color.
  5. Invest in a colorful couch.
  6. Or a colorful rug.
  7. Upholster a set of dining chairs in a vibrant rainbow of colors.
  8. Fill your home with plants.

Likewise, people ask, can I be evicted for painting my apartment?

Yes, you have to refund her money. You can't keep rent for months that you kicked them out. You could require that the walls be returned to the color and condition they were in when they vacate, and use the deposit to cover it.

How much do apartments charge to repaint?

The cost to paint an apartment is between $1,000 and $3,000. The exact figure depends on what exactly you are looking for. For standard one-bedroom apartments, painting walls with a 10' ceiling height and no specialty techniques costs between $1,000 – $2,000 for paint and labor.

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