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Can you paint air conditioner?

You could use a product called Paint for Plastic by Rustoleum. Paint the air conditioner (even the cord) a coordinating color that will help hide the unit. You can even use that product as a primer and then any latex paint can be used as the second coat, so a custom color can be ultimately used.

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In this way, can you paint an old air conditioner?

As you can see, painting your air conditioner with spray paint is a quick, fast and economical way to renew it. You only need a couple of hours to go from a yellowish plastic to a design one.

One may also ask, how can I hide my air conditioner inside? You may have indoor AC equipment that's kind of an eyesore on your walls and ceilings.

Here are some fun ideas to hide the AC unit indoors.

  1. Wall-mounted die-cut cabinet.
  2. Wrought iron grate.
  3. Shutter box.
  4. Die-cut wood & lace wall panel.
  5. Slatted wood panel.
  6. Wall mounted shelf.
  7. Metal grille mantel.
  8. Shutter register cover.

Beside above, how do you paint a rusty air conditioner?

How to Paint a Rusty Air Conditioner

  1. Remove the rust off the air conditioner.
  2. Scrape the surface with a metal brush, wash with detergent, then rinse and dry it.
  3. Paint the air conditioner with a rust-inhibiting primer and two coats of exterior paint to prevent it from rusting again.

How do you get rust off an air conditioner?

To start, remove the rusted area with a nylon brush and fine grit sandpaper, and then wash with a degreaser to remove dust and debris. Before you paint, make sure to cover the internal components with painter's tape or a tarp. Then, use a rust-proof primer first before adding a layer of rust-proof paint.

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