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Can you mix JS with jQuery?

All jQuery code is JavaScript code. When you use jQuery, you are just adding a library of functions to your JavaScript. But it's important to keep in mind that jQuery uses some unique data structures and the appropriate conversions must be applied when mixing jQuery with other JavaScript code.

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In this regard, can I use jQuery with react?

Don't use jQuery. In most cases, you won't need anything from jQuery when you're properly using React. Well, the fact is 'in most cases' you don't need. But sometimes when building large scale applications maybe you need to use jQuery plugins or a piece of jQuery functionality.

Subsequently, question is, is JavaScript and jQuery the same? The main difference among the three is that JavaScript is client-side, i.e., in the browser scripting language, whereas jQuery is a library (or framework) built with JavaScript.

Also question is, can I use jQuery in JavaScript function?

You can directly write your jQuery code within a JavaScript function.

Can there be more than one ready function in jQuery?

Yes, you can use multiple document ready handler, there is no special advantage even though you can use jQuery code in several place. You can't use the variable inside one in another since those are in different scope.

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