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Can you iron a trench coat?

Set your iron on a cool setting and glide in a back-and-forth motion. Periodically check to see if the wrinkles are smoothing out of the fabric. Turn the trench coat inside out again so the right side of the fabric is facing you. Set the dryer to low heat or no heat, leaving the trench in for several minutes.

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Furthermore, how do you get wrinkles out of a trench coat?

Use a garment steamer. Fill the garment steamer with water and allow it to heat. Hang the microfiber trench coat on a hanger and hold the head of the garment steamer so it just touches the surface of the microfiber trench coat. Move the head of the steamer slowly across the trench until the wrinkles are gone.

Also Know, how do you get wrinkles out of a Burberry trench? As for creases, if you have access to a steamer or an iron with a decent steam function, hang the coat on a hangar and slowly pass over the wrinkles areas and see if this will solve your issue.

Also to know, can you put a trench coat in the washer?

Trench coats are often made out of machine-washable fabrics such as cotton, poplin or polyester. Be sure to remove the lining and wash it separately from the shell. Use the delicate or handwash cycle, and avoid putting either piece in the dryer—especially if your coat is wool.

Can you steam a raincoat?

First wash your raincoat with a gentle detergent such as Forever New Biodegradable Laundry Soap on a gentle cycle or hand wash depending on the garments washing instructions. Let your coat dry before treating with DWR. Alternatively, you can steam the coat with a clothes steamer or hang the coat in the sun for an hour.

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