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Can you have a wedding without dancing?

The truth is, if you don't have dancing, chances are most folks won't even miss it. If the vibe of your wedding is “elegant dinner party,” people will chat and eat and have a great (non-dancing) time. Because the truth is, there are as many ways to entertain guests at a party as there are parties.

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Consequently, do you have to have a dance at your wedding?

You do not have to have dancing at your wedding if you do not want too. But be prepared to include other activities so that your guests dont get bored. Even if its only about 20-30 people, sitting around for 5 hours is no fun.

One may also ask, how do you plan a wedding without dancing? 15 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas That Don't Involve Dancing

  1. Challenge guests to a game.
  2. Have fun in a photo booth—or two.
  3. Ask an artist to paint the room.
  4. Print your face on a cocktail.
  5. Go clubbing at your reception.
  6. Set up a portrait studio.
  7. Guide guests through a wine or spirits tasting.
  8. Dance at a silent disco DJ battle.

Thereof, what can I do instead of a wedding reception?

Cheap wedding reception alternatives you should consider:

  • Buffet style. One of the most popular wedding reception alternatives is a buffet style dinner.
  • Cocktail reception. Skip the expensive linens and complicated place settings.
  • Wedding brunch or tea.
  • Onsite food truck.
  • Specialty stations.
  • Serve Bar Snacks.

What do you do in lieu of a first dance?

A couple of things you could do:

  1. say a heart-felt thank-you to your guests for coming to share your special day.
  2. Have your parents (if they are hosting the party) say a few "welcome" words.
  3. Say grace/meal blessing.
  4. Toast (not my favorite at this time, but it can work)
  5. Do a wedding party dance.

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