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Can you have a walking stick as a pet?

Walking stick insect can be the perfect pets *
They don't smell, which means that you can keep them anywhere in the house without worrying about "stinking-up-the-place" (eg. a child's bedroom). They eat lettuce, which means that you don't have to grow exotic plants just to feed the insects.

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Herein, can you have a stick insect as a pet?

These interesting little insects can be found everywhere in the world — except Antarctica — and make fascinating pets, provided you do your research. Although they aren't cuddly like cats or goofy like dogs, stick insects can make good pets because: They're quiet. They won't scratch up the furniture.

Furthermore, are walking sticks poisonous? They do not bite and only eat plants. However, while not poisonous, there are some species of stick insect, particularly larger types, that do have spikes on their legs. These spikes are designed for pinching predators to allow the stick insect to escape a hazardous situation.

Secondly, do walking sticks need water?

Foods and Water The walking stick will require a plant diet suitable for its species. They should also be misted with water periodically to assure that moisture is available to meet the insect's needs.

Do stick insects need sunlight?

Offer a balance. This is why it's good to keep their enclosure in an area that receives natural light and the lights are turned off when the sun goes down. This doesn't require any real effort to. Stick insects are some of the easiest creatures to take care of for this reason.

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