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Can you grow olive trees in Louisiana?

Trees are normally cold hardy to 15 degrees, although some can survive slightly lower temperatures. Olive trees are best adapted to growing conditions in south Louisiana, but some could be grown in central and north Louisiana.

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Consequently, where can you grow olive trees in the US?

Olive trees are now also grown in Texas, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Oregon, Alabama, and Hawaii (on the island of Maui). With so many olive orchards, Americans can find a new pastime: olive oil tasting.

Beside above, can you grow olive trees in Arkansas? Arkansas is in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 6, 7 and 8 where winters drop to temperatures between minus 10 to plus 20 degrees Fahrenheit; olive trees are hardy to no colder than zone 8.

Considering this, what zone can olive trees grow?

Olive trees need a subtropical climate and do best with mild winters and long, warm, and dry summers. They are sensitive to hard freezing environments. They will grow in climate zones 10 and 11 (see map below). Some varieties are hardy enough for zone 9 or even 8.

Can you grow olive trees in NC?

Olives are a Mediterranean crop, and U.S. production is mostly in California. So, it's not that olives won't grow at all in North Carolina, they probably just won't do well enough to get the yields and quality to be competitive with the big production areas.

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