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Can you go around a curve with constant acceleration?

Yes, it is impossible to go around the curved path with zero acceleration. Acceleration is change in velocity. And velocity( speed+ direction) changes at every point in a curved path because there is change in direction at every point.

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Also question is, can a car go around a curve with constant acceleration?

Is it possible to round a curve with (b) zero acceleration and (c) a constant magnitude of acceleration? ——— (a) Yes. Rounding a curve at constant speed means you are accelerating toward the center of the circle. Even though your speed is constant, your velocity vector is changing, so your acceleration is nonzero.

One may also ask, would you consider a car turning around a corner at a constant speed to be accelerating? In fact, a car accelerates whenever its velocity is changed by either changing the speed or the direction of the car's motion. So, even if you are driving your car at a constant speed while turning around a corner, you are still accelerating.

Just so, how can an object have a constant speed but still accelerate?

An object's acceleration is the rate its velocity (speed and direction) changes. Therefore, an object can accelerate even if its speed is constant - if its direction changes. Since it travels in a straight line, its direction does not change. Light travels at a constant speed, so its speed never changes, either.

What does constant acceleration mean?

Definition of Constant Acceleration This means that whenever you slow down or speed up, you are accelerating. Constant acceleration is an even more specific type of accelerated motion. An object that travels with constant acceleration has a speed that changes by the same amount each second.

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