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Can you get free chargers from Apple?

Apple Replacement
If your iPhone power adapter or chargingcord breaks while the iPhone is under warranty, Applewill replace the defective piece for you free of charge.Contact the company through the form on its website or on the phoneto verify the warranty on your iPhone and order a replacementpart.

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Also asked, does Apple take old chargers?

Apple will take back and replace all 3rdparty chargers and give you a replacement Applecharger for only $10 (normally $19). To take advantageof this deal, you must bring in the third party (meaning not madeby Apple) iPhone or iPad charger and yourApple device to any Apple retail store.

Additionally, does Apple charger have warranty? Apple power accessories are covered underApple's One-Year Limited Warranty against defects inmaterials and workmanship, but not against accidental damage ormisuse. This applies whether the product is purchased directly fromApple or from an Apple AuthorisedReseller.

Accordingly, does Apple replace Lightning cables for free?

Apple did replace them under warranty. They willthen provide you with a new cable after verifying youreligibility. If you do not have an Apple Store thatyou can get to, call AppleCare for instructions.

How can I charge my iPhone with a broken charger?


  1. Make sure you have your iPhone's charger cable. The iPhone'scharger cable, when separated from the charging brick, has a USBconnector at one end.
  2. Find a USB port.
  3. Plug your iPhone's cable into the USB port.
  4. Attach the cable to your iPhone.
  5. Wait for the charging icon to appear.
  6. Try a different USB port.

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