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Can you dump GREY water?

Gray water has some bacteria but it can be filtered and reused in gardens or lawns, if done properly. Black water contains human waste and is unsafe. It must be stored in its own tank and disposed of very carefully.

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Correspondingly, can you use GREY water to flush toilets?

This grey water can be used to flush the toilet (pour it into the bowl, not the toilet tank), or to water house plants or outdoor plants or trees, as long as no harsh soaps or detergents are used.

Secondly, is dumping GREY water illegal? “It is illegal to dump holding tanks into toilets, just as it is illegal to dump them onto the ground or into a stream,” recreation manager Eric Sandeno explained. Those caught illegally dumping their RV grey or black water can face different fines depending on the officer and the specific law that is being broken.

Also question is, can you dump GREY water anywhere?

Not anywhere, but there are ways to safely empty your gray water tank if you're not near a dump station.

Is GREY water dangerous?

All greywater has the potential to harbor dangerous bacteria and viruses. Micro-organisms present in untreated greywater can cause damage to foliage. Untreated greywater should not be used for lawn sprinklers, as this could spread dangerous, airborne bacteria.

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