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Can you duct tape a water heater vent?

2 Answers. Duct tape and flexible ducts are OK for a fume hood exhausts or for ventilation ducts, but not for combustion exhausts.

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People also ask, can you use foil tape on a water heater vent?

But no, foil tape is not supposed to be used to seal. This is not a pressure pipe, the heated gases rise due to natural buoyancy and tend to draw air in at the joints rather than leaking out. That said, the joints do need to be reasonably air tight.

Furthermore, can I duct tape my exhaust pipe? Duct tape is not a safe option for repairing damaged exhaust mufflers or exhaust pipes. Duct tape is made of cotton mesh, covered with a type of plastic called polyethelyne, with a rubber-based adhesive underneath. When it gets hot, it melts and it is flammable.

Then, can you duct tape a furnace exhaust?

Re: Tape on furnace vent pipe No where is cloth duct tape allowed. In most of the country, foil tape is not allowed. 3M has a high temperature tape rated to 600 degrees.

How hot does water heater vent pipe get?

If a water heater is set to store water at 140 F to minimize Legionella bacteria growth, the flue gas temperature will be about 160 F when the heater is new. As scale builds up and the heater efficiency falls off, the flue gas temperatures can easily increase to over 350 degrees F.

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