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Can you drill through a hard drive?

You'll want to drill through the drive completely from one side to the other, and you'll want to do this multiple times. Two important areas for you to drill through are the platters and the controller board. Hard drives contain many round platters inside that store the data. Drill through them.

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Furthermore, can you destroy a hard drive by putting it in water?

Water Damage The simple answer is no. Water might cause a short circuit in the electronics of the hard drive, but it won't erase the data from the platters. Water is easily wiped from the hard drive, leaving the information discoverable.

Also, how do I destroy my old hard drive? When disposing of an old PC, there is really only one way to securely erase the information on the hard drive: You must destroy the magnetic platter inside. Use a T7 screwdriver to remove as many screws as you can access. You'll probably be able to remove the main circuit board from the enclosure.

Moreover, will bleach destroy a hard drive?

No. It may damage the drive to some extent (just like any other liquid would), but it shouldn't do anything to the data stored on the disk itself. Bleach doesn't wipe magnetic patterns, and it doesn't do anything against metal or glass (might damage the heads, maybe).

Does Best Buy destroy hard drives?

There are numerous ways to destroy a hard drive from wiping it to demolishing it. Once the hard drive is removed, your local Best Buy can recycle the unit for you. If you're just donating it, and not planning to get any money for it, just remove the HDD and destroy it.

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