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Can you draw blood from a port a cath?

Not all patients who have implanted ports require blood draws from their ports. Although bloods can be drawn via an implanted port, there may be times when: i. a peripheral blood draw is required (e.g. certain labs, such as PTTs) ii. it is not feasible for the nurse/clinic to do so.

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Also to know is, can you draw blood from a tunneled catheter?

You can receive blood through the catheter. Healthcare providers can also take blood samples. You will not have a needle put into a vein each time. Healthcare providers will use the catheter instead.

Also, can you take a blood pressure on the same side as a port? If you have a port in your arm: Do not allow a blood pressure test to be taken on that arm. Do not allow a blood sample to be taken from that arm unless it is done through the port using a specially designed, “non-coring” needle which will not damage the port.

Just so, can you use a port if no blood return?

If an implanted port lacks blood return, troubleshooting and declotting of the line must be performed. If declotting does not re-establish a blood return, a chest x-ray should be done to confirm proper tip location. If the line continues to lack blood return, the line should be replaced.

Does accessing a port hurt?

Not typically, but when it is accessed for chemo or a blood draw, the initial poke does sting a bit (similar to an IV poke in your arm). Over-the-counter or doctor-prescribed numbing creams can help ease the discomfort.

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