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Can you code a newborn from the mother's medical record?

The fact that the mother has an associated medical condition or experiences some complication of pregnancy, labor or delivery does not justify the routine assignment of codes from these categories to the newborn record. Insignificant conditions or signs or symptoms that resolve without treatment are not coded.

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In this regard, is newborn covered under mother's deductible?

Yes, after your baby is born, she will be on her own plan with her own deductible. However, if the baby is healthy, most doctors bill anything at the hospital under the mom. This newborn deductible comes as a surprise to many, as it can add another layer of financial stress.

Likewise, can S codes be used as primary diagnosis? The S code would act as the primary diagnosis; external cause codes can never be reported first. Many payers require the submission of paper documentation to substantiate care.

In respect to this, what is considered a newborn in coding?

The principal diagnosis for a newborn/neonate can vary based on the following specific circumstances: Newborn was admitted to the birth hospital, stayed three days and had no problems. Principal diagnosis for all three days is the liveborn infant code, which will be from category Z38 in ICD-10-CM.

How do you code obstetrics?

Obstetric cases require diagnosis codes from chapter 15 of ICD-10-CM, “Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Puerperium.” It includes categories O00–O9A arranged in the following blocks: O00–O08, Pregnancy with abortive outcome. O09, Supervision of high-risk pregnancy.

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