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Can Thompson Water Seal be used on concrete?

Thompson's WaterSeal not only protects fresh concrete from moisture, it actually helps it cure when you apply it before the concrete has hardened. You can also apply Thompson's WaterSeal to hardened concrete to seal out moisture. The application procedure is the same, but hardened concrete may need cleaning first.

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Thereof, how do you apply Thompson's Water Seal to concrete?

Surface Preparation Always allow concrete or masonry surfaces to dry thoroughly (3 or more days) before applying Thompson's® WaterSeal® Waterproofer Plus Masonry Protector. Concrete that has a smooth, flat finish must be opened to allow for proper penetration. This should be done by using a concrete etch product.

can wood sealer be used on concrete? Seal Now products can be used on wood, concrete or masonry. This includes pressure-treated wood, exotic wood, thermally modified wood, wood siding, log homes, cedar shakes, and wood decking. Yes, all Seal Now products are water-based and do not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins.

In this way, how long does it take for Thompson Water Seal to dry on concrete?

2 hours

Can you water seal concrete?

Sealing concrete repels water and extends its life. If you have a concrete patio, garage, or driveway, sealing the concrete should be part of the initial conditioning of the surface, and should be done periodically over the life of the concrete.

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