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Can spouse use Lowe's Military Discount?

All active duty, veterans, spouses, and dependents are eligible to receive the 10% military discount. To receive this discount in-store, enroll in the Lowe's program online, then present your MyLowe's card at the store cash register or scan your card at self-checkout.

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Hereof, can I use my husbands military discount at Lowes?

National home improvement retailer Lowe's has expanded its everyday military discount program to include all honorably discharged veterans, as of May. Spouses and dependent children up to age 18 can also get the discount, although the online signup process doesn't include an option for "spouses" or "children."

Additionally, can you combine military discount with coupon at Lowes? The military discount cannot be combined with the Lowe's 5% off every day credit card promotion or price matching. You are unable to purchase Lowe's gift cards and services with the discount. Additionally, buying items for a business is prohibited. The full details can be found on Lowe's website.

Similarly, it is asked, can family members use Lowe's Military Discount?

Lowe's now offers a 10% military discount to all active duty military members, members of the Guard and Reserve, retired military members and their immediate family members. The 10% Lowe's discount also applies to veterans who served honorably, as well as and their families.

What is excluded from Lowe's Military Discount?

The Lowe's military discount is 10% off year round and is available to active-duty service members, retirees, veterans, spouses and children up to age 18.

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