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Can pemphigus Foliaceus be cured in dogs?

Despite therapy, this disease is often fatal, due to its widespread effects on the skin. Dogs with PE usually respond very well to treatment. Pemphigus foliaceus, the most common form of pemphigus, also carries a relatively good prognosis, though the individual response to treatment can vary.

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Correspondingly, how do you treat pemphigus foliaceus in dogs?

Canine cases of pemphigus foliaceus with localized skin lesions may be managed with topical glucocorticoids. In mild cases, topical glucocorticoids can be used alone. In more severe cases, topical glucocorticoids can be used to minimize the dose of systemic immunosuppressive therapy.

Likewise, is Pemphigus in dogs contagious? So in other words, pemphigus is best treated with proactive management of the condition. And don't worry, it is not a contagious condition.

In this way, can pemphigus Foliaceus be cured?

Currently there is no cure for pemphigus foliaceus but it can be managed successfully. The aim of treatment is to put the disease into remission so that it has minimal impact on the person's quality of life.

How is pemphigus Foliaceus diagnosed in dogs?

The disease itself often displays a waxing/waning course. Diagnosis: The diagnosis of Pemphigus foliaceus is made by clinical signs, cytology, and biopsy. Other diseases that can appear similar to Pemphigus foliaceus include infection (bacterial, parasitic, fungal), seborrheic skin disease, and varying forms of lupus.

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