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Can I use paver sand under my pool?

Concrete Sand
In many instances, this type of sand is utilized for purposes including the development of cement or hot mix asphalt, but it's also useful for holding paving stones in place, and can make a good solution for establishing a level surface for above-ground swimming pools.

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People also ask, what is the best sand to put under a pool?

Many times, the best option is mason sand, sometimes referred to as mortar sand. Compared to other types, mason sand is less coarse, offering a softer surface for your pool liner to rest on. Mason sand tends to pack well, which can create a level surface for your pool installation.

One may also ask, do I have to put sand under my pool? Mostly it is to provide a smooth level base under the liner of an above ground pool. While it works, it is not the best option. The sand would act as a barrier that would take in any water or moisture as opposed to all of that liquid going into the soil underneath the pool, potentially not killing your grass.

Keeping this in consideration, can you use paver sand under a pool?

As the name might suggest, white sand is lighter in color than some of the other sand materials. It's popular for use in recreational applications. Though less commonly used than yellow mason sand, it's also possible to find white sand in use as a base material for pavers, or in swimming pools.

How much sand do you put under a pool?

Type and Volume An average 18-foot round aboveground swimming pool requires about 3 tons or 2.5 cubic yards of sand to provide a 2-inch base. The cost for a cubic yard of masonry sand varies, but $48 is about average.

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