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Can I use laxative mineral oil on a cutting board?

Well, they don't really "eat off of" the cutting board, normally. Check the dosage on the container for use of the mineral oil as a laxative. There won't be anywhere close to that dosage transferred to the food prepared on the cutting board.

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Besides, can I use regular mineral oil on my cutting board?

The oil you use for your wooden cutting boards and utensils should be food grade and not prone to rancidity. Mineral oil is an inexpensive and popular choice, and you can easily find bottles in most kitchen supply stores. Personally, I like to use a homemade mixture of beeswax and mineral oil, such as this one.

Additionally, is mineral oil a food grade laxative? The Equate Mineral Oil Intestinal Lubricant is not considered food grade but it is USP grade. Yes, it's food safe. It's a laxative.

what kind of mineral oil do you use on a cutting board?

The best oil to use on your cutting board is mineral oil (also called liquid paraffin).

Is there a difference between mineral oil and food grade mineral oil?

Food grade mineral oil vs mineral oil intestinal lubricant. Food grade mineral oil is recommended as a conditioner for cutting boards. The "other" mineral oil is used as an intestinal lubricant.

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